The Happiness and Productivity Hack: Use Less Social Media Every Day

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How Social Media Affects Your Well-Being and Productivity and What You Can Do About It

Social media is a powerful tool that connects us with people, information, and entertainment. But it can also have some negative effects on our mental health and productivity. In this blog post, I will share some reasons why reducing your social media use daily can make you happier and more productive at work.

Social Media Can Cause Stress and Anxiety but canot deliver happiness

One of the main drawbacks of social media is that it can expose us to a lot of stress and anxiety. For example, we may feel pressured to keep up with the latest trends, compare ourselves to others, or deal with online negativity. According to a study by the American Psychological Association, 42% of adults who use social media reported feeling stressed by political and cultural discussions on these platforms.

Stress and anxiety can affect our mood, sleep, and health. They can also impair our cognitive abilities, such as attention, memory, and decision-making. These are essential skills for performing well at work and achieving our goals.

This Can Distract Us and Waste Our Time and its not a real happiness.

Another downside of social media is that it can distract us and waste our time. For instance, we may find ourselves scrolling through endless feeds, watching videos, or chatting with friends, instead of focusing on our tasks. A survey by Udemy found that 36% of workers admitted to spending two or more hours per day on social media at work.

Distracting and wasting time on social media can reduce our productivity and efficiency. It can also make us miss deadlines, make mistakes, or lose opportunities. Moreover, it can harm our reputation and career prospects, as employers and colleagues may perceive us as unprofessional or unreliable.

How to Reduce Your Daily Dosage

If you want to enjoy the benefits of less social media use daily, here are some tips to help you:

  • Set a limit on how much time you spend on social media per day. You can use apps or tools that track and block your social media usage, such as Freedom, Offtime, or StayFocusd.
  • Turn off notifications from social media apps on your phone and computer. This way, you won’t be tempted to check them every time they pop up.
  • Schedule specific times for checking and engaging with social media, such as during breaks, lunch, or after work. Avoid using social media during your work hours, unless it is part of your job.
  • Find other activities that can enrich your life and make you happy, such as reading, exercising, meditating, or spending time with family and friends. These activities can also boost your mood, health, and creativity.


Social media can be a useful and enjoyable tool, but it can also have some negative impacts on our well-being and performance. By reducing your social media use daily, you can improve your happiness and productivity at work. Try these tips and see the difference for yourself!

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