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Come and grab a quick bite!!! All food items are 100% Vegetarian and pocket friendly. The ingredients used for stuffing our variety of snacks are nutritious veggies. Even the masala used is homemade with a combination of 15 spices and herbs. Our spicy, tangy, salty, cheesy Bun Nippats, Potato Twists, Pizzas, Sandwiches attract huge crowds of people every day. Not only this, you can quench your thirst with our refreshing masala soft drinks and other healthy drinks like Nannari, made from the roots of a plant. It acts as a blood purifier and body coolant.

They serve different products with a bun base and their signature dish is “Bun Nippat & Cheese”, which takes the humble south Indian snack to new heights. All it took was slipping the traditional crispy fried nippat into a layer of sweet and green chutney, over a bed of onions, grated cheese/butter, held together by a bun slit through its stomach.

The “Bun Butter Nut” which uses simple spiced peanuts along with other toppings to create a snack that really packs a crunch. One more unique snack is their “Sandwich Pizza”, available in different varieties, the most popular being the special veggie. All the items available here are enhanced by the range of “Masala Cold Drinks” — one can choose any soft drink, which will then be spiced up with a specialized mix. Their most recent launch called “Twistato” (Twisted Potato) is a concept which was originally from outside India and introduced by them, for the first time in Bangalore which has created a lot of buzz and became one of their fast moving dishes today.



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