Smoke Bomb Attack in Lok Sabha: How Two Men Breached Security and Disrupted Parliament

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Two Men Enter Lok Sabha with Smoke Canisters, Claim to Protest for Farmers’ Rights

In a shocking incident, two men entered the Lok Sabha chamber during the Zero Hour on Wednesday and opened smoke canisters, creating panic and chaos among the MPs and the staff. The men, who were later identified as members of a fringe group called “Yellow Revolution”, claimed that they were protesting against the government’s policies on farmers, environment, and corruption. They were overpowered by the security personnel and taken into custody, along with two other accomplices who were waiting outside the Parliament building.

The incident, which occurred at 1.02 pm, disrupted the proceedings of the House for about 15 minutes, as the Speaker adjourned the session and ordered an evacuation of the premises. The smoke canisters, which emitted a yellow-coloured smoke, did not cause any serious harm or injury, but some MPs complained of irritation in their eyes and throat. The Speaker later resumed the session and condemned the security breach as an “unpardonable offence” and a “grave threat to democracy”. He also announced that a high-level inquiry has been ordered to probe the matter and fix the responsibility.

How Two Men Managed to Enter Lok Sabha and Open Smoke Canisters in a Major Security Breach

The two intruders, who managed to enter the visitors’ gallery with valid passes, were found to be carrying fake identity cards and forged documents. They also had banners and placards with slogans like “Save Farmers, Save India” and “Stop Corporate Loot”. According to the police, the group “Yellow Revolution” is a radical outfit that advocates for a violent overthrow of the government and has links with some anti-national elements. The police said that they are investigating the motive and the modus operandi of the group, and are looking for any possible connections with other similar incidents in the past.

The security breach in the Parliament has raised serious questions about the efficacy and the preparedness of the security agencies, especially in the wake of the recent terror attacks in Mumbai and Delhi. The Parliament, which is considered to be one of the most secure and sensitive locations in the country, has been targeted by terrorists and extremists several times in the past, most notably in 2001, when five armed militants stormed the complex and killed nine people, including eight security personnel. Since then, the security arrangements have been tightened and upgraded, with multiple layers of checks and surveillance. However, the latest incident has exposed the loopholes and the lapses in the system, and has called for a comprehensive review and overhaul of the security protocols and procedures.

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